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It is formerly Mebo Gi Capsules


GI Vital Softgel (PERMANENT CURE FOR ALL TYPES OF ULCER) ✓GI Vital is the proven cure for all types of Ulcer. It's principle is based on stem cell regeneration technology. It works by decreasing stomach acid production.This capsule regenerates the skin, cells and tissues of the stomach, small intestines, and restores all their functions Major Functions: ●Total cure for all forms of Ulcer (Stomach/Gastric Ulcer, Intestinal Ulcer, Leg Ulcer, Mouth Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer) ● Scientifically proven to Cure Ulcer permanently ● Strong acid-blocking properties ●Kills all infections rapidly (H.Pylori) ●Protects the lining of the stomach and duodenum ●Improves the function of Gastrointestinal Tract ●Promotes and relieves gastrointestinal tract disorders ●Provides regenerative nutrients to the Gi Tract ■Stomach Ulcers are dangerous and lead to perforation and bleeding of the stomach >Get a Cure today! >All Natural, No Side Effects! ●Made in USA, Approved by FDA, Nafdac ●Same Day Delivery Nationwide


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