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Norland Healthway Immune Vital Capsules restores men's vigor and vitality. It is a health food product with raw materials extracted mainly from natural ingredients; Ginseng extract, medlar extract, lycopene, zinc gluconate, folic acid, beeswax, soy oil, gelatin, glycerin, titanium dioxide, and water Major Functions: • Aids in male sexual ability, and assists in building quality and motile sperm •Recovers energy, strengthens male vigor •Treats erectile dysfunction permanently •Increases semen and sperm quality •Treats prostrate issues •Helps in stimulating physical and mental ability among people who are weak and tired •Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels •Improves sleep quality •Good for fertility *Net content: 60 capsules *10% discount on 2 bottles and above •100% natural, no side effects •Same day delivery nationwide •Available in wholesale *Call or message us on WhatsApp, we will respond to you immediately. Thanks


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