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Norland Detox Pro Pack is a multi-functional cleanser that detoxifies key areas of the body, boosting your immune system and keeping you healthy. Norland’s unique process known as magnetic herbal extraction can remove toxins from five internal organs at once in an effective manner. Norland Detox Pro Pack is suitable for diseases related to 5 major organs Heart, Lungs,Liver, Kidney, Spleen/Pancreas. Health Benefits of Norland Detox Pro Pack ~Helps turn your body back into a Powerful Self-Healing Machine. ~Dramatically improves the absorption of nutrition and medicine. ~Enhances the body’s self-healing abilities. ~Helps prevent major diseases. ~Prolongs life-span and fights against aging. ~It brings out toxic scales from the viscera and cleans the inner body environment. ~Cleanse the viscera and improve the absorption of nutrients and medicine. ~It improves body function and self-healing abilities after detoxification. *We deliver nationwide


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